Lorenzo Caia

Self-taught artist living and working in Florence, Italy.

"Ever since I was a child, my mother told me that I was extremely curious about how things worked and so every weekend she took me to museums to show them to me. From science, to biology, to art and sculpture, I guess this has It simply stimulated my love for this art."

Lorenzo's ink works take as their subject the research and discoveries made by man in the past and present.

Enigmas, ciphers, secret messages, etc. they are very common in his works, in fact in his works there are hidden details that need to be discovered or deciphered. His works are therefore truly unique and original works, which aim to convey value to the environment and to those who observe them.

A technical and cryptographic style composed of writings, lines, messages and sketches which for Lorenzo should not be read or interpreted, but simply admired as a single thing.

“I like to call this art style: cryptographic art.”

Art and Puzzles

"Cryptographic Art"

"Every truth must be deserved and earned otherwise it would have no value." These are words that contain the principle of my art and its secrets.