Lorenzo Caia

Lorenzo Caia (n.?) Self-taught artist who lives and works in Florence, Italy.

Lorenzo's ink works take the genius of the human mind and its communication as their subject.

Enigmas, puzzles, ciphers, secret messages, etc. they are very common in his works, in fact in his works there are hidden details that must be discovered or deciphered to arrive at a truth.

A truth that for the artist is closely linked to the knowledge of the individual himself.

Lorenzo is largely influenced by the philosophy of the ancient alchemists and by the history of the hidden communication of the past.

They are therefore real interactive works, where it is the viewer who decides how much he really wants to know about the work itself.

A technical and cryptographic style made up of writings, lines, messages and sketches which for Lorenzo is nothing more than the first true form of an idea transformed from a simple fantasy into clearly visible reality.

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